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A Tattoo Artist Found The Most Genius Way To Cover Up A Rubbish Pokémon Tattoo

Tattoo correction at its best.

A guy went to his local tattoo shop to get a regrettable Pokémon tattoo fixed and the results are better than any fully thought-out tattoo ever could have been.

The cover up was created by Northampton, Massachusetts-based tattoo artist Lindsay Baker.

"It was his first tattoo and apparently the girl who did it had been drinking," Baker told BuzzFeed. "He's had it for almost four years".

"I have tattooed this particular client a few times and he showed me the tattoo. I got excited and suggested we tattoo Pikachu drawing himself and my client told me he had the same idea."

"The whole tattoo took about two hours," Baker said. "He was so excited with the finished product!"

Lindsay Barker /
Lindsay Barker /
Lindsay Barker /

Nailed it.