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    28 Pictures That Prove The North And South Are Worlds Apart

    They might as well be on different planets.

    1. Dealing with bad weather down south:

    Dealing with bad weather up north:

    2. Pet ownership down south:

    Pet ownership up north:

    3. Broken public transport down south:

    Broken public transport up north:

    4. Dining down south:

    Dining up north:

    5. Graffiti down south:

    Graffiti up north:

    6. Cocktails down south:

    Cocktails up north:

    7. Football mascots down south:

    Football mascots up north:

    8. Queuing down south:

    Queuing up north:

    9. Bargains down south:

    Bargains up north:

    10. Animal control down south:

    Animal control up north:

    11. Street performers down south:

    Street performers up north:

    12. Supermarket shopping down south:

    Supermarket shopping up north:

    13. Tattoos down south:

    Tattoos up north:

    14. Food not on plates down south:

    Food not on plates up north: