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    24 Times Britain Reached Peak Wholesomeness

    If seeing Phil Mitchell in an aquarium doesn't cheer you up, nothing will.

    1. When these parents took up swimming lessons.

    Me and my sister tried to teach my parents how to swim and this what they did the whole time

    2. When this dog was a very, very good boy.

    Asked me mum if she could bring my charger down stairs, she replied "shout the dog"

    3. When this guy became one with the ducks.

    4. When security was breached in the most adorable way possible.

    there was an intruder alert on the security cam at my house today

    5. When Phil Mitchell enjoyed a nice day out at Birmingham aquarium.

    Steve McFadden aka Phil Mitchell enjoying the sea life at National Sea Life Centre Birmingham.

    6. When a mum had the solution to life's problems.

    7. When a mum bought an alpaca.

    still don't know why my mum decided to buy an alpaca but he's such a lad

    8. And when another mum let her alpacas in from the rain.

    9. When Phil showed his filing cabinet some love.

    Every retweet this gets I will pet my filing cabinet and tell it it's a good filing cabinet.

    10. When this dog brightened up everyone's train journey.

    11. And when someone had this encounter with a dog on a plane

    Hahaahhaha no wayyy, that's my day made, racking up they airmiles are we now buster? Get yer wee dug passport oot m…

    12. When this gran just tried her best to help.

    My cousin took her washing up to my grans for her to do & she went back to pick it up & my gran had sewed her ripped jeans up😭😭😭 I am crying

    13. When these parents were just too adorable.

    the best thing about my mum finally getting a decent phone is her fangirling over my dad on snapchat like a teenager

    14. When a highland cow made a mysterious appearance.

    Woke up to a highland cow having a bath outside my window.

    15. When this football fan took his vegetables to enjoy a game.

    What a match to bring your bag of lettuces to

    16. When old clothes found a new use.

    17. When Philip Schofield started using Snapchat.

    18. And when a mum got her daughter the perfect birthday cake.

    Wtf cos a always watch This Morning n tell ma mum a pure love Philip schofield she's went n got this made 😂😂😂😂 deed

    19. When the Queen took her corgis on a plane.

    I like this picture of the queen's corgis because it looks like this is only the beginning and there's in fact a pl…

    20. When this mum gave some lovely, if somewhat unhelpful, advice.

    my mum doesn't seem to understand exams

    21. When this butcher's window display was weirdly charming.

    Yes that's a sausage on a model train going back and forth in the butcher's window. #Sheringham

    22. When this mum became an internet legend by lining up some potatoes.

    My mother is drunk. I walked in to the kitchen to find her having aligned the potatoes in size order.

    23. When we finally got given the spokesperson we need.

    24. And when these people came up with an innovative way of letting the cat in and out of the house.

    my boyfriend's best friends weren't allowed a cat flap in their cottage so they got the kitten a ladder. I'm done.

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