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    23 Times “The Wire” Was Way, Way Too Real

    It's all in the game.

    1. When Poot and Bodie executed Wallace, while he pleaded with them to remember their friendship.

    2. When an emotional D'Angelo questioned Stringer Bell on the fate of Wallace.

    3. When Stringer Bell made this point:

    4. When Stinger Bell and Avon Barksdale reminisced about their childhood while each knowing they'd betrayed the other.

    5. When D'Angelo discussed how he was born into the game, and sees no way out.

    6. When Omar grieved over the murder and torture of his partner Brandon.

    7. When D'Angelo explains the theme of The Great Gatsby, which parallels his own struggles to escape the past.

    8. When D'Angelo made this observation during the infamous chess scene:

    9. When Bunk made this sobering point about race in America.

    10. When Stinger Bell met his end after being set up by his lifelong friend and ally, Avon Barksdale.

    11. When Bodie opened up to McNulty and expressed his grievances with the game.

    12. When Wallace taught his brother maths in terms he knew he'd understand.

    13. When, after being labelled a snitch, Randy's home was firebombed and his foster mother hospitalised, leaving him without a guardian.

    14. When Carver dropped Randy off at a group home, after failing to find a foster family for him.

    15. When Bubbles gave an emotional speech upon reaching one year sober.

    16. When Cutty realised how difficult living a life free from crime would be.

    17. When D'Angelo was garroted in prison and his death made to look like a suicide.

    18. When a guilt and grief filled Bubbles went to the police after the death of his friend Sherrod.

    19. When Ziggy snapped, resulting in him commiting murder and losing his freedom.

    20. When Lester summed up where power truly lies.

    21. When Omar was shot dead by a child in a convenience store.

    22. When Frank Sobotka's body was pulled out of the harbor, after meeting with The Greek in an attempt to save his son.

    23. When Michael bode farewell to Dukie before going into hiding.