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Oct 25, 2016

34 Of The Funniest Tweets About "Bake Off" 2016

"Find a guy to pine over you the way Selasi pines over bread."

1. In August, Bake Off returned to our screens.

he was a sk8er boy she said see you l8er boy

2. With the usual presenting quartet.

3. As well as the usual innuendo.

when your parents go out and it's your only chance to masturbate

4. Along with a bunch of new bakers.

U vs the guy she told u not to worry about #GBBO

5. Although some faces looked familiar.

6. Mary Berry was her usual iconic, fashion-blazing self.


7. But this year she had some competition.

8. Everybody loved Val.

not all heroes wear capes #GBBO

9. And were left devastated when she left.

10. The nation went into meltdown when it was announced that Bake Off was leaving the BBC.

I'm lucky I live in a rough area so the 2016 #GBBO riots shouldn't reach me.

11. People became especially concerned when rumours about the show moving to ITV started to circulate.

ITV Great British Bake Off Dermot O'Leary: "So why did you apply to come on Bake Off?" Baker: "Me nan died, and she loved cake" [Manly hug]

12. And things didn't calm down when it became known that Channel 4 were getting the show.

looks like channel 4 already have ruined bake off

13. Mary Berry said she wouldn't be leaving the BBC.

14. Neither would Mel and Sue.

15. Whereas Paul Hollywood would.

16. But it's not all bad.

“Up next on BBC1, Mel and Sue present a completely new show, 'Cakes in a Tent'”

17. And luckily we had Selasi to cheer us up.

18. Who is literally the coolest goddamn man on the planet.

I fully expect that Selasi could wander into an operating theatre and deliver a baby without ever understanding how or why #GBBO

19. <3

find a guy to pine over you the way Selasi pines over bread #GBBO

20. There were the usual challenges.

21. Plus some imagined new ones.

next time on bake off they're making puddin

22. Cakes were made.

So God created cake in Her own image. #GBBO

23. Tears were shed.

Forget Brad and Angelina, this is the saddest breakup of 2016 #GBBO

24. Oh, and Tom was haunted by the ghost of an American comedian.

Tom haunted by the ghost of Groucho Marx #GBBO

25. As always, the show was super relatable.

when the customer ur dealing with asks to speak to the manager n the manager says the same thing u did

26. Like really, really relatable.

selasi is me when i'm waiting for my food to be ready

27. On the day of the finale, everyone awoke in a mixed mood.

42% of Britons were just awoken by the realisation that the Great British Bake Off that we know and love will be finished forever in 18hrs.

28. Not that it stopped anyone from watching.

"Hello, this is the UK. We're a bit busy at the moment, please leave a message." #gbbofinal #gbbo

29. Even if it was sometimes through tears.

And with Sue's words, "welcome to your last showstopper challenge" an entire country breaks down and weeps #GBBO…

30. The series was won by Candice.

For all the beautiful bakes, cheeky innuendos and for pulling it all off in such style – thank you, Candice. #GBBO…

31. And while the Bake Off may have finished on the BBC…

Bake Off fans: "Thank you Mary, Mel and Sue for a great series. We will miss you" Paul: "What abou-" Bake Off fan…

32. … With the goddess that is Mary Berry…

33. … There's always hope.

I want Mary Berry to judge my life because even when it seems there is no hope she finds something positive to say #GBBO

34. And the spirit of Bake Off lives on.

Don't stress guys, it'll be fine. #GBBO will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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