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17 Teachers Who Were 50% Mean And 50% Hilarious

Honestly, these people all deserve a raise.

1. The chemistry teacher who was not going to let anyone steal from class.

2. This teacher who made damn sure that no one was cheating on her tests.

My teacher left the room during a test so we all started sharing answers. Then I look up and she was staring right…

3. And this teacher who had his own method of making sure everyone was playing fair.

4. The teacher who made this kid perform without an instrument.

so my brother lost his recorder and the teacher still made him perform...

5. The teacher who wanted to make a student suffer.

6. This professor who went the extra mile to show his true feelings.

Lmaooo 💀😂 my professor really brought a mf coffin to class to say “yall test scores had me dead”

7. This teacher who publicly called out an absent student.

lmao this dude skipped class to stream and someone told the teacher so they started watching him

8. The teacher who had this perfect comeback.

9. This professor who trolled the entire class.

10. And this teacher who trolled the class via a pop quiz.

11. This teacher who made sure that students would always remember to bring their own pen.

12. This professor who had a less-than-detailed response to an email.

13. The graphic design teacher who started off a presentation with this beautiful slide.

14. This teacher who always answered with a pun.

15. The teacher who had a designated reading place for late assignments.

16. This professor who refused to give extra credit.

17. And this teacher who basked in his students' misery.