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24 Pictures For Anyone Who Needs A Little Visual Relaxation

You deserve this.

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1. Please enjoy this perfectly spherical tomato.

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab / Via

2. And check out this chili which has developed the perfect gradient.

petriomelony / Via

3. Look at this turtle with its intricately patterned shell.

itman290 / Via

4. This ice has been perfectly peeled off a parking meter.

Crispy-Snax / Via

5. Have you ever seen more artistic looking lemon meringues?

Kenzfetti / Via

6. This cup of coffee has the perfect imprint of a sugar cube that's been dropped into it.

hangonlittletomatoes / Via

7. Take a deep breath and gaze upon this rounder-than-round pancake in a pan.

sharkyhunt / Via

8. These colours that have been beautifully split by the railings are enough to make you believe in magic.

NotBasque / Via

9. This gift has been wrapped so flawlessly that you wouldn't want to open it.

mokoshakalaka / Via

10. Why can't all strawberries be heart-shaped?

beanyways / Via

11. These neatly arranged computer cables are actually inspirational.

iam_nobody / Via

12. We're all blessed to be seeing this phenomenal cat with a segmented tail.

chipsicecream / Via

13. And we've been doubly blessed by this cat curled up into a perfect circle.


14. These pencil sharpenings are oddly pleasing. / Via coldcalifornia

15. This is the first time I've ever been satisfied by a stack of tyres.

WifeOfBatman / Via

16. How is it even possible to perfectly peel a hard boiled egg?

DookinMookin / Via

17. And how was anyone able to scoop a ball of ice cream this perfectly?

whatismyusername / Via

18. This dreamy cloud looks just like a feather.

mrashtail / Via

19. "Nice" – You looking at this immaculately rolled up spiral of snow.

KristjanHrannar / Via

20. The eyelets on these shoes line up perfectly with the colours of the sock below.

osmosis112 / Via

21. This circle of T-shirts forms a perfect colour gradient.

Chester_the_cat / Via

22. Somehow, the snow on this driveway has only coated the outline.

calmdownlad / Via

23. These magnificently formed ice crystals show just hoe beautiful weather can be.

simplywing / Via

24. And finally, bask in the glory of this wonderfully symmetrical plant.

SpantaX / Via