21 Signs You're Probably A Tea Addict

    Hello, is it tea you're looking for?

    1. It's damn near impossible for you to start your day without a cup of tea.

    2. You've tried other beverages, but none give you that warm, safe feeling inside like tea does.

    3. Besides, you're not even really alive until you've had your first fix.

    Me in the morning before my cup of #tea @sharpie #selfportrait

    4. And others know it's best to stay out of your way until you've had your first cup.

    5. Or five.

    6. You strongly believe that tea can cure all problems.

    7. So you're always asking others if they want some.

    8. And you won't take no for an answer.

    9. Because tea is serious business.

    I hate it when you ask someone if they want sugar in their tea and they say, "No, I'm sweet enough," and instead of laughing you kill them.

    10. You even have your mug that you're overly protective of.

    11. You go through tea bags so quickly that you're sometimes left tealess.

    12. Which is just the worst.

    Ran out of tea bags - my life is over.

    13. So you might sometimes overvalue tea when you do have it.

    14. You don't understand how Starbucks is so popular.

    15. You drink tea while it's way too hot.


    16. But you've perfected a cooling method.

    17. And the thought of a cold cup of tea leaves you feeling sad.

    18. Because there's nothing worse than a wasted cup of tea.

    when i forget about a cup of tea & it goes cold i feel like ive murdered one of my children...RIP

    R.I.P. sweet friend.

    19. You'll even visit people just to take advantage of their tea making ability.

    20. You know exactly how you like yours.

    21. Science be damned.

    After all, nothing beats a good cup of tea.