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    21 Signs Your Snacking Is Out Of Control

    You are not alone.

    1. When your family have to carefully label every item of food.

    2. And your coworkers, too.

    3. You abandon all responsibilities to enjoy a quick bite.

    4. You expertly conceal your food.

    when the teacher thinks ur studying but really you're eating spaghetti

    5. And in a professional manner, too.

    I keep all of my ham in a briefcase to look professional.

    6. You couldn't even eat healthy if you tried.

    7. Even if there's nothing else nearby.

    8. You see every item as device capable of improving food.

    9. Your start searching for excuses to justify your addiction.

    if you're not meant to snack at night then why is there a light in your fridge?

    10. You come up with inventive ways to always keep your snacks within reach.

    11. And creative methods of storage.

    12. Not to mention creative ways to increase input.

    13. You're unwilling to share any food.

    14. Even to the extent of eating in hidden places, so no one will ask you to

    15. You experiment with strange combinations in order to create the ultimate snack.

    16. Using whatever resources at your disposal.

    17. You have your own super secret snack den.

    18. And a great snack drawer.

    A second snack draw has had to be added #ultimatesnackers

    19. Which is often empty.

    The snack drawer is empty other than this healthy popcorn.. #WhatIsLife

    20. You're prepared to use extreme methods to break the habit.

    Diet Tip: To avoid snacking, drink 800 glasses of water a day.

    21. But at the end of the day, you just don't give a fuck.