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17 Signs You Might Actually Be An Optimistic Pessimist

Because not everyone's a pessimist or an optimist.

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Just because deep down you hold pessimistic views, that doesn’t mean you’re cynical towards the world and everyone in it.

And likewise, just because you're externally optimistic, that doesn't necessarily mean you're a glass-half-full kind of person.


1. You might be an optimistic pessimist if you always plan ahead, because you know to expect the unexpected.

2. And because you're always prepared for the worst, it means you're the best person to have around in the event of an emergency.

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3. You try and ensure others have a good time, even if it's at the expense of your own.

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4. Your ability to see the flaws in others makes you a great judge of character.

5. But you're nearly always willing to give people a chance, because deep down you believe in their better nature.


6. Although that doesn't make you naive.

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7. In fact, you're not afraid of being honest if you think it's for the best.

8. And that can make you seem like the bad guy in some people's eyes.

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9. It often feels like you're the most responsible person in a group.

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10. You find yourself dreading the prospect of going out, but almost always end up enjoying yourself when you do.

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11. Because sometimes the pessimistic side takes over before your optimistic tendencies kick back in and remind you who you really are.

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12. You have a habit of always over-analyse every situation in your head.

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13. When others are feeling down, you're the perfect person to help cheer them up.

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14. You don't believe in luck.

15. Your default reaction to a bad situation is "it could be worse", while thinking of every possible way in which it could.

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16. You realise that hey, the world might be fucked, but what's the point in stressing out over something you have no control over.

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17. Might as well have fun in this godforsaken life!