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19 Secrets Subway Employees Will Never Tell You

Would you like that toasted?

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1. There's nothing worse than a customer asking for "The Feast".

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"The Feast" was a sandwich created in the bowels of hell, and contains turkey, ham, salami, pepperoni, bacon, and chicken.

2. Well, except when someone orders one with double meat.

3. And then complains when the damn thing won't shut.

4. The struggle of not losing your patience with people who have no idea what the hell they want.

5. And those who are WAY too specific.

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6. Seriously, we don't care if they had mushrooms in the other store. We don't.

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7. The extreme cringe of a customer referring to you as a "sandwich artist".

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8. The very real nightmare of slicing an endless supply of vegetables.

9. Yes, extra ingredients will cost you more.

10. You have to keep your uniform in a separate drawer because that Subway smell just can't be washed out.

11. But hey, at least it's not a McDonald's uniform, right?

12. Oh, and the Subway University is a thing.

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13. But no, it's not an actual educational institution.

It's just the name given to the training courses.
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It's just the name given to the training courses.

14. Dreading the late shift because that's when all the drunk and stoned people come in.

15. Seriously, we can tell when you're high.

16. You learn a hundred different ways that chipotle can be pronounced.

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17. All the meat isn't actually turkey. Where the hell did this rumour even start?

18. As soon as you start making a sandwich for yourself, the customers will just come flooding in.

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19. Still, free subs!