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    17 Crimes That Were Very, Very British

    Where else could DNA from a pasty solve a crime?

    1. When a gang of burglars got hungry on the job.

    Flickr: hammer51012 / Creative Commons / Via

    2. When a seagull terrorised local shoppers.

    Flickr: cseeby / Creative Commons / Via

    3. When a great biscuit heist took place.

    Flickr: 139228535@N05 / Creative Commons / Via

    4. When a bank robber got distracted.

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    5. When a woman drank too much and became a pirate.

    6. When London Zoo had its very own love triangle.

    Flickr: rofanator / Creative Commons / Via

    7. When a high-speed chase took place.

    Flickr: campovisivoeh / Creative Commons / Via

    8. When some thieves just wanted to say sorry.

    Thieves break into pub, steal safe & leave note of apology for flooding the place

    9. When a criminal turned himself in because he couldn't go another moment without Greggs.

    Flickr: pauliewoll / Creative Commons / Via

    10. When someone wanted a free meal.

    11. When this alibi was offered during the Hatton Garden jewellery heist trial.

    12. When a Welsh teenager took a lamb to Nando's.

    13. When someone in England was literally robbed of his top hat.

    Thinkstock / Via

    14. When a driver was caught eating and driving.

    15. When a drug dealer was also a tea dealer.

    16. When a duck got a little too drunk.

    Flickr: wjr / Creative Commons / Via

    17. And finally, when a criminal text his plan to the intended victim.

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