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30 Reasons You Should Never Visit Wales

Seriously, just don't even.

1. Everyone seems to think that Wales is a beautiful country.

Flickr: danrocha / Creative Commons

Lake Vyrnwy, Powys.

2. Which is completely absurd.

Flickr: jixxer / Creative Commons

Mt Tryfan, Snowdonia.

3. It's not beautiful at all.

Tub9darts / Getty Images

Gower Peninsula, Swansea.

4. For a start, it's always raining.

Bahadir-yeniceri / Getty Images

South Stack Lighthouse, Holy Island.

5. Literally all the damn time.

Milangonda / Getty Images

Pennard Cliffs, Gower.

6. Which of course means no other weather exists.

Esen Tunar / Getty Images

Snowdonia, Gwynedd.

7. It's impossible to even see the sky through all the damn rain clouds.

Flickr: adrian_kingsley-hughes / Creative Commons

Bodfordd, Anglesey.

8. Plus the landscape is incredibly dull.

Leighcol / Getty Images

Brecon Beacons National Park, Powys.

9. It's all just featureless mountains.

Flickr: 47515486@N05 / Creative Commons

Padarn lake, Gwynedd.

10. Everywhere you look.

Nuvisionsphotography / Getty Images

Pen yr Ole Wen.

11. Who seriously wants to see this?

Juliaannmarshall / Getty Images

Llynnau Mymbyr, Capel Curig.

12. There's really no escape.

Matt Gibson / Getty Images

Llyn Cwellyn, Snowdonia National Park.

13. Not even underground.

Flickr: lodekka / Creative Commons

Dan-Yr-Ogof caves, Powys.

14. Was Tom Jones high when he sang about the green, green grass of home?

Zoonar / Getty Images

15. And don't get me started on the buildings.

Flickr: squirmelia / Creative Commons

Tenby Harbour, Pembrokeshire.

16. They're all just so grey.

Flickr: eifion / Creative Commons

Portmeirion, Gwynedd.

17. And uninspired.

Flickr: wojtekgurak / Creative Commons

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

18. Not to mention the fact that everyone lives on a farm.

Flickr: geezaweezer / Creative Commons

Cardiff Bay, Cardiff.

19. Isolated from the world around them.

Flickr: marksphotostream / Creative Commons

Cardiff City, Cardiff.

20. Which of course means loads of traveling on non-scenic routes.

Flickr: adrian_kingsley-hughes

Menai Bridge, Anglesey.

21. Boring.

Flickr: 47515486@N05 / Creative Commons

Snowdon Mountain Railway, Gwynedd.

22. There's nothing of any historical interest.

Jupiterimages / Getty Images

Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd.

23. It's as if civilization just emerged overnight.

Flickr: jacquiross / Creative Commons

Pentre Ifan, Pembrokeshire.

24. There's no wildlife to see, just sheep.

Flickr: vidyo / Creative Commons

Rhayader, Powys.

25. Look all the damn sheep. They're everywhere.

Flickr: oliver_symens_de / Creative Commons

Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.

26. And then there are the god-awful beaches.

Matt_gibson / Getty Images

Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Peninsula.

27. Completely overcrowded and littered with trash.

Flickr: mariosp / Creative Commons

Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire.

28. And just plain ugly.

Milangonda / Getty Images

Monknash, Glamorgan.

29. Seriously, there's no point in ever visiting Wales.

Leighcol / Getty Images

Brecon Beacons, Powys.

30. You'll only be disappointed.

Flickr: vertigogen / Creative Commons

Llangollen, Denbighshire.