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23 Pictures That Prove Piercings Are The Worst

They're just so, so bad.

1. Piercings are downright ugly.

2. And not interesting in the slightest.

3. There's nothing subtle about them.

5. Ugh, just look at it.

6. And so uncolourful.

7. They add nothing to the human body.

8. If anything, they make everything dull.

9. And they just seem kind of cheap.

10. They show a lack of character.

11. I bet this person isn't interesting at all.

12. And the last thing the world needs is more individuality.

13. The world needs less of this.

14. This woman's basically ruined her life.

15. Why wreck your ear to display a small piece of metal?

16. Why ruin your skin?

19. Besides, there's no variety in them.

20. Every piercing looks the same.

21. Nope, nothing unique about this at all.

22. There's nothing worth seeing.

23. So seriously, why even bother?