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23 Pictures That Prove Piercings Are The Worst

They're just so, so bad.

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1. Piercings are downright ugly.

Instagram: @lunalacey

2. And not interesting in the slightest.

Instagram: @harnessbodypiercing

8. If anything, they make everything dull.

9. And they just seem kind of cheap.

Instagram: @kittykotori

11. I bet this person isn't interesting at all.

Instagram: @cocopotatos

12. And the last thing the world needs is more individuality.

Instagram: @piercingsbydanielle

13. The world needs less of this.

14. This woman's basically ruined her life.

Instagram: @stfn_mrkl

15. Why wreck your ear to display a small piece of metal?

Instagram: @industrie8bodypiercing

19. Besides, there's no variety in them.

Instagram: @lajih

21. Nope, nothing unique about this at all.

Instagram: @dinosaurtamer