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    17 Reasons Rainbow Food Needs To Be Fucking Stopped

    Let's just dye ourselves to look like goddamn rainbows.

    1. You know what food has been missing for millennia?

    2. The appearance of a rainbow.

    3. The development of agriculture has been leading us to this very point.

    4. The point that we, as humans, would develop the skills needed to dye mac 'n' cheese.

    5. And not just mac 'n' cheese, but Doritos too.

    6. But wait, there's so much more food we've turned into beautiful, much-needed rainbows.

    7. Like potato salad.

    8. And the previously bland fries.

    9. Remember when bread came in its natural state?

    10. And hot dog buns were so, so painful to look out.

    11. Even French toast was a goddamn eyesore.

    12. And don't even start me on sushi.

    13. Thank fuck we as a species have evolved past such primitive ways of eating.

    14. And we're now at a point where we can enjoy our square waffles…

    15. …and our round waffles, in the way God intended us to.

    16. In the colours of a rainbow.

    17. God bless the human race.