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21 Pictures That Prove We're Living In The End Times

We've finally peaked as a species.

1. We live in a time where someone would willingly get a vape-inspired wolf tattoo.

2. And in a world where people are easily tricked into frying their phones.

3. People have stopped taking their own photos, and are now taking photos of photos.

4. It's actually possible to bring down financial institutions with a single emoji.

5. This DVD stand is just trolling us.

6. These are the kinds of experts we turn to for advice.

7. And according to our newspapers, this is what hackers look like.

8. We can't even turn to food for support.

9. This is how we start each meal now.

10. Even the print on top of raisin boxes offers no comfort.

11. Peak hipster has finally been reached.

12. Technology has become something people fear.

13. And businesses are trying to kill us through crappy design.

14. Injustices like this happen.

15. And true monsters exist. The kind of monsters who'd put Oreos back in the pack looking like this.

16. We've turned away from books and started printing out Facebook comments to read instead.

17. Crabs are taking over our transport.

18. Flooding has become ironic.

19. Romance is dead and we've killed it.

20. We've lost the ability to complete simple tasks.

21. And as for art, who even knows what that is anymore?