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    22 Poses Everyone In Their Twenties Will Immediately Recognise

    Strike a pose.

    1. The "Uncertain Future" pose.

    2. The "Out Of Data" pose.

    3. The "Caffeine Overdose" pose.

    4. The "Outfit On Point" pose.

    5. The "No McMuffin" pose.

    6. The "Single Again" pose.

    7. The "No Time For Shit" pose.

    8. The "Nearly Liked An Old Facebook Photo" pose.

    9. The "Hair On Point" pose.

    10. The "Just Woke Up From A Nap And Have No Idea What Time It Is" pose.

    11. The "Yeah Really, I'm Doing Fine" pose.

    12. The "Texting While Drunk" pose.

    13. The "Opened The Front Facing Camera" Pose.

    14. The "Waiting On Friends To Get Ready" pose.

    15. The "Realised I'm Wrong Mid-Argument" pose.

    16. The "Did I Really Used to Look Like That?!" pose.

    17. The "Thinking About Life" pose.

    18. The "Successful Wingman/Wingwoman" pose.

    19. The "Not Paying Cinema Prices" pose.

    20. The "Forgot To Charge My Phone Overnight" pose.

    21. The "Meeting Bae's Parents for the First Time" pose.

    22. And the "No Service" pose.

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