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    21 Pictures That Will Make You Never Want To Drink Again

    Drunk you is a nightmare.

    1. After enough drinks, just getting home can become an unnecessary struggle.

    2. If you're drunk enough you'll basically eat anything.

    3. And you're definitely incapable of cooking.

    4. If you're really wasted you miss out on the real drama.

    1 time I got so drunk I was chillin taking selfies &didnt even notice there was a whole fight going on behind me ti…

    5. Drunk you doesn't care where you urinate.

    6. Or where you sleep.

    7. You make some really illogical choices.

    8. You see everything as a challenge.

    apparently i tried to log in to my online banking when i was drunk

    9. Your excuses become kind of weak.

    Just found this pic from when I was out fucked n I told my mum I was at home in bed n I sent her this

    10. And your texting as a whole is a little nonsensical.

    11. You're a liability.

    Lost my ID tonight and they made me take a new picture drunk so it's fine I'm fine

    12. You 100% should not order online when drunk.

    13. You make ~questionable~ decisions.

    14. And really bizarre choices.

    15. You look for love in all the wrong places.

    16. You don't even feel like you can trust the authorities.

    17. You definitely can't trust yourself.

    18. The thin line between genius and insanity is increasingly blurred.

    My mum got drunk and invented an air bag for your bike and I can't tell if she's genius or insane

    19. We've all tried to charge our wallet after a night out, right?

    20. Being drunk is just one bad decision after another.

    21. Seriously.