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    22 Pictures That Are All Of Us In 2016

    This is how things are now.

    1. Resolving conflict.

    My flatmate pissed me off so I froze their cutlery into an ice block

    2. Ordering food online:

    3. Ordering clothes online:

    4. Taking a 🔥 selfie:

    When you take a great instagram pic but remember you banned the internet in your country

    5. Taking a 🔥 selfie part II:

    6. Fragile masculinity:

    7. Advertisements:

    8. Modern politics:

    Can't wait for the 2016 elections

    9. Technological advancement:

    10. Media propaganda:

    The side of squidward we see vs the side of squidward the media doesn't show

    11. Celebrity worship:

    i forced my family to recreate a kardashian christmas card

    12. Celebrity worship part II:

    Someone put thousands of Nicki Minaj cardboard cutouts on the Helsinki Cathedral stairs in Finland.

    13. Eating:

    14. Eating part II:

    Left hand is steering, the other is gripping your thigh

    15. Religion:

    16. Pride:

    17. Lurking:

    18. Jobs:

    When you get stranded on Earth without your photon weapons so you just have to come up with a job & survive

    19. Social media:

    Had to add a new category to this medical form

    20. Social media part II:

    when u write a good tweet and you wait for the favs but they don't come

    21. Impending disaster:

    Excuse me, sir. Do you have a minute to talk about global warming?

    22. Getting in one last word:

    "i'm not gonna tweet about it anymore..." ... ... ... "aND ANOTHER THING-"