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    17 Photos You’re Going To Feel Terrible For Laughing At

    If you can make it through these pictures without laughing, you're a better person than me.

    1. This old man is just trying to get his new phone to work.

    2. Why are birds so disrespectful?

    3. This grandma made a bold decision when she chose movies over religion.

    This video cassette I found at my grandmas house still makes me laugh so much

    4. Who can honestly say that they haven't been confused in a photo booth at least once?

    5. At this point it's probably easier just to move house.

    6. This guy should probably sleep with one eye open for the foreseeable future.

    Yesterday I told Siri to remind me to get dye today and her crustass sent me this

    7. This is why you need to be extra careful while driving in snow.

    8. Europe is so wild with their crazy small bathroom fittings.

    9. This right here is why you should always read the reviews before ordering online.

    That’s what ya get for ordering veneers online 😭😭😂😂 can’t cope

    10. Oh no.

    11. Sometimes the recovery is worse than the accident itself.

    All this for a few burnt finger tips ??? Are the NHS actual havin ma life

    12. Someone please get this guy an aux cord.

    13. OK, so this is kind of adorable.

    He thinks this painting is a window

    14. When will people learn that all monkeys are evil?

    15. I hope this guy is in a better place now.

    16. Look on the bright side, at least it didn't rain

    17. And finally, please don't laugh at this unfortunate accident:

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