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    17 Pictures That Won't Make Sense If You Didn't Go To A British Secondary School

    Going on a school trip and being told "you're representing the school."

    1. When the new year 7s first start:

    2. When your friends are discussing if an exam answer was 121 or 122 and you got -9:

    3. When you bring out a can of deodorant in the changing rooms:

    4. When the bell rings and the teacher is still mid-paragraph:

    5. When you hear the story of the kid who swung back on his chair, fell, and died:

    6. When you find out you have a substitute teacher:

    7. And when the substitute teacher tries to take control of the class:

    8. When you injure yourself at lunch time:

    9. When the teacher tells you they've booked your class into the IT room:

    10. When someone answers the teacher back:

    11. When the teacher sent you out of the class during lesson to go get something:

    12. When your row is the first to be let out of assembly:

    13. When you get sent out of the classroom and your friends are still inside:

    14. When you hear there's a fight taking place:

    15. When you hear a rumour that two of the teachers are sleeping together:

    16. When a classmate gets into trouble for something you did:

    17. When you're told that you're representing the school on your school trip: