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    14 People Who Didn't Get The Christmas They'd Dreamed Of

    ♫It's the most wonderful time of the year♫

    1. The person who designed these outdoor decorations:

    2. The person who was inspired to recreate this wall-mounted tree:

    3. The person who made these pancakes:

    4. The person who purchased this underwhelming tree:

    5. The person who made these Christmas tree cookies:

    6. The person who incinerated this turkey:

    7. The person who attempted to bake this festive yule log:

    8. And the person who made this misshapen cookie:

    9. The person who constructed this mountain of…something:

    10. The person who bought this nightmare-inducing Santa Claus:

    11. And the person who attempted this Santa Claus portrait:

    12. This person who fell through the ceiling while retrieving the Christmas decorations:

    13. The person who misjudged the strength of a glass table:

    14. And the person who tried to make a healthy Christmas snack:

    H/T r/Unexpected