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    17 People Who Should Never Be Allowed To Work In Construction Again

    Anyone fancy a game of packing crate Jenga?

    1. These out of circus acrobats.

    2. Whoever locked this emergency exit.

    3. The person responsible for transporting these 2x4s.

    4. And this guy, transporting a ladder.

    5. These innovative window cleaners.

    6. The person who filled in this pot hole with a traffic cone.

    7. Whoever decided to put this fire alarm in a claw machine.

    8. This guy performing a balancing trick.

    9. The person who thought this was a good place for an electrical outlet.

    10. Whoever decided to play Jenga with pallets.

    11. The "electrician" responsible for this health and safety hazard.

    12. This duo of sign makers.

    13. The person who thought this was a good place to put a freshly painted fence.

    14. This man tempting both gravity and electricity.

    15. The person who came up with this improvised tow hitch fix.

    16. The creator of this ladder stair invention.

    17. And finally, whoever constructed this stage.