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14 Pictures Of People Being 100% Right

A reminder that good people do still exist.

1. This person clearly knows what's right.

2. As does this ketchup user.

3. This person even knows what they're doing when little plastic tubs are involved.

4. And not only does this person understand what temperature ketchup should be stored at, but they're also very neat and orderly.

5. This person probably sleeps easy at night, safe in the knowledge that their ketchup is stored correctly.

6. And I'm willing to bet that the owner of this ketchup bottle sleeps the moment their head hits the pillow.

7. This person is right THREE times.

8. And this modern hero is right an incredible FIVE times. Count 'em.

9. Sure, you could argue that ketchup needs to be kept at room temperature. BUT YOU'D BE WRONG.


But monsters still walk amongst us.

11. Here's some added annotation to help better understand the concept.

12. Luckily there's still some light left in the world.

13. And good people do still exist.

14. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

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