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    21 Things Britain 100% Deserves A Gold Medal In

    Someone start a petition for epic banter to be included in the next Olympics.

    1. 100-metre queueing

    2. Improvised pub garden

    3. Modern sarcasm

    4. Freestyle punning

    5. Synchronised suspicion

    Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

    6. Marathon wet weather BBQ

    7. Team biscuit appreciation

    8. Epic banter

    9. Extreme baking

    10. Unnecessary swearing

    11. Competitive flood humour

    12. Speed worrying

    13. Aero-bluntness

    Flickr: james_nash / Creative Commons

    14. Modern anarchy

    15. Outdoor middle-class problems

    16. Inline excuse-making

    17. Indoor polite graffiti

    18. Artistic cock drawing

    19. Ultimate protest sign-making

    20. Cross-country passive-aggressiveness

    21. The "not living up to expectations but still celebrating, because hey, at least we tried"-athon

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