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This Is What Happens When Non-Welsh People Try To Draw The Welsh Flag

Basically, it doesn't go well.

If you ever went to primary school in Wales, the chances are that at some point you had to attempt a drawing of the Welsh flag.

I think the biggest challenge I have ever faced was trying to draw the Welsh flag in primary. English kids were so lucky

Which, let's face it, is no easy task for anyone, let alone artistically challenged children with underdeveloped hand-eye coordination skills.

So we asked non-Welsh adults to draw the Welsh flag – without googling it, of course – and here's the results:

1. First up, you know things aren't going to go well when the first image back looks like a five-legged dinosaur holding a leaf.

2. This person decided to apologise despite their flag actually being pretty damn impressive.

3. Unlike the unapologetic person who drew this monstrosity.

4. This one isn't even worth commenting on.


The fuck?

5. At least everyone got the colours right.

6. With the exception of the person who drew this black and white chicken/dragon hybrid.

7. Oh, and the one person just drew a penis.

This is NOT the Welsh flag. This is a penis flag.

8. If nothing else, at least this person didn't draw a dick.

9. This drawing may be cute, but I don't remember the Welsh dragon having such prominent eyelashes.

10. This one is definitely the most anatomically correct.

11. And finally, while far from correct, this is one design that is definitely flag worthy.

Cymru am byth!