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21 Disturbing Condoms For When You Never Want To Have Sex

The best protection money can buy.

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1. This formal looking rubber.

2. These tastes of the Highlands.

Flickr: kirinqueen / Creative Commons

3. This flexible measuring stick.

4. This unappetizing creation.

5. These light-up, musical contraceptives.

6. This way of really getting up close and personal.

7. These things.

8. This dragon who'll never see things get hot.

9. This astrology themed condoms for the star-crossed lovers

10. These non-family friendly keychains.

11. This meat for your, uhh… meat.

12. These cannabis tasting protectives that won't get you high.

13. This music memorabilia that exists just because.

14. This commemorative condom.

15. And these ones that really show off your patriotism.

Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

16. This invention for when you want to be just that extra bit safe.

17. And this for when you want to be extra careful you don't bring about the anti-christ.

18. This product aimed towards adults.

19. This swan who won't be getting his beak wet.

20. These romantic gestures.

21. And this flavoursim delight with some great taste advice.