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17 People Who Seriously Misunderstood The Meaning Of "Netflix And Chill"

Sex. It means sex.

1. This church offering a fuckfest in its car park.

2. This animal news site that planned on getting a little too intimate with its pets.

3. The Independent, which inadvertently advertised a mass outdoor orgy.

4. This high school offering some questionable after-school activities*.

5. 7-Eleven, which suggested some snacks to spice up your sex life.

6. The Carolina Hurricanes hockey team, who planned on literally fucking their opponents.

7. And coach Jim Harbaugh, who had an interesting recruitment strategy.

8. The Falkland Islands, which might just be on the verge of a baby boom.

9. This protein company offering some stretching advice for use during the act of lovemaking.

10. The owners of this sex bus.

11. WCCO news in Minnesota, which reported on a curious finding.

12. "Want to fuck a pizza?" – Pizza Hut

13. The Guardian, which misinterpreted Volvo's words.

14. This dad who really misunderstood the phrase.

15. Firebox, which advertised some sort of masturbation box.

16. NBC News, which reported on serious disruptions throughout the US.

17. And finally ABC News, which recommended something you should never do with your family.