21 Incredibly Cringey Band Names People Were A Part Of

    Turns out food names were weirdly popular.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the cringiest band names of groups they were in. The results did not disappoint:

    1. Camel Seduction

    "Our motto was 'nice humps'. I got kicked out after I dumped the bongo player."

    Submitted by corinneg4ba563e7f

    2. Dank Curry

    3. The Cloonies

    "In high school in the mid '90s, my best friend was in a band named the Cloonies. The lead singer had gotten a Caesar-style haircut and looked just like George Clooney. I’m still not sure why they went with the plural; they didn’t all look like George."

    Submitted by sammymc

    4. Nobby and the Bollocks

    "I'm embarrassed to admit that there was a time in my life when I believed that Nobby and the Bollocks was an epic band name."

    Submitted by Michéal Anthony Hayes, Facebook

    5. The Screaming Onions

    6. The Street Lamps

    "I had a band together for an amazing one day! We were called the Street Lamps because the 'band leader' had a streetlamp installed outside his house the week before."

    Submitted by Bronwyn Rhodes, Facebook

    7. Destroying Turnips

    "The first one was Destroying Turnips, a reference to Smashing Pumpkins. I made a custom Bebo skin and everything, it was legit AF.

    "Next came That Band, because the confusion of someone saying 'I’m going to go see That Band' and another person going 'Which one?' over and over was hilarious to the tiny minds of me and my friends."

    Submitted by hollyeatsgravel

    8. Kovered In Ketchup

    9. Franklin Frenemies

    "In 5th or 6th grade my best friend and I formed a band with two other girls even though we basically hated each other. We dubbed ourselves Franklin Frenemies after our school. Lord knows why we thought that was decent."

    Submitted by Chrissy Livingston, Facebook

    10. The Eggplants

    "We were an all-girl band called the Eggplants. This was before the eggplant emoji. We never played any music, but we did make T-shirts with the band name. I even wore one on my first date with my now husband!"

    Submitted by g46da45dfc

    11. Linguini Anonymous

    12. Mr Strang and the Enzymes in Action

    "My friend and I had biology class together in high school. We always used to wind our teacher up by asking stupid questions because he has literally no concept of sarcasm. We started a new topic in class one day and decided that the topic combined with our teacher's name would make a great band name."

    Submitted by samb42391247c

    13. Chemical Lemon

    "One time I was cleaning around the house and I was using the Lysol that smells like lemons and from there my incredibly grunge band name of Chemical Lemon was inspired."

    Submitted by samanthab46fff2ef7

    14. The Three Buskateers

    15. Kenny and the Blue Pennies

    "I once found a rusty blue penny and then it came to me: KENNY AND THE BLUE PENNIES."

    Submitted by kennedymc

    16. The Errrr’s

    "No one could remember what we were called so we went with the Errrr’s. My dad is in a band called Elasticated Waste Band, so funny band names must run in the family."

    Submitted by lanar47c894c3a

    17. Tactical Nuclear Penguin

    18. Purple Hippo Asylum

    "I was part of two-piece band called Purple Hippo Asylum. Our best song was inspired by a dripping tap in a chemistry lesson."

    Submitted by Paula Blackburn, Facebook

    19. Lucky and the Jigglers

    "When I was younger I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so I had no friends living close by that I could go visit easily. The solution to boredom was a band I created with my two cats, Lucky and Little Puss. Our band name: Lucky and the Jigglers."

    Submitted by hannahbarness

    20. Sassy

    21. Invisible Fish Business

    "My first band was called Invisible Fish Business. It was the '90s."

    Submitted by angelikar2

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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