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Here's What A Million Pounds Will Buy You In London Vs Wales

Would you rather have a two-bed flat or your own indoor swimming pool?

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…this house overlooking Newport Bay?

Price: £1,200,000

Bedrooms: Five

• Contains two pools: one for swimming in and one for, well, playing pool on.

• If you don't like chlorine the good news is that the ocean is only a stone's throw away.


5. How would you feel about living in this terraced house in Maida Vale…

Price: £980,000

Bedrooms: Four

• There's an outhouse in the garden to store all the stuff you're too lazy to throw away.

• If you ask nicely they might throw in the Game of Thrones Monopoly set you can see lying on the livingroom table.

…you could live in this Swansea property for the same price.

Price: £995,000

Bedrooms: Seven

• The picturesque North Gower countryside offers views like no other.

• Having five bathrooms means you can use a separate one every weekday. What you do on the weekend is your own business.


6. There's this three-bed flat in Hampstead…

Price: £1,150,000

Bedrooms: Three

• The flat has "an abundance of light," which is something you don't have to pay tax on.

• There's nothing in the contract saying that you have to keep the creepy old portrait on display.


9. You could purchase this brick building in Finchley…

Price: £1,000,000

Bedrooms: Three

• There's a nice-looking hedge at the front of the property.

• The interior looks like it was decorated by your great-aunt – you know, the one you only visit every three years in order to drop off a Christmas card.

…this stoney building in Chepstow.

Price: £1,000,000

Bedrooms: Six

• The exterior looks like a castle, so you'll be protected from those pesky Anglo-Saxons.

• Whereas the all-white interior kind of looks how '70s movie directors imagined the future to be.