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    19 Lies You Believed Growing Up In Britain

    I'm still waiting on my Beanie Babies to help me afford a mortgage.

    1. That if you rubbed two gooey aliens against each other they could have a baby.

    20th Television / / BuzzFeed

    Another rumour was that you had to put them in the fridge to induce childbirth.

    2. That one day your Beanie Babies collection would be worth a fortune.

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    I'm still waiting on my Garcia bear to step up and help me afford a mortgage.

    3. That holding a buttercup under someone's chin was a good way of determining wether they liked butter or not.

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    You know, instead of just asking them if they liked butter or not.

    4. That repeating "Bloody Mary" three times in the mirror would result in her ghost showing up and probably killing you.

    Warner Bros. Television

    Bet you still aren't brave enough to try it in a darkly-lit room while holding a candle.

    5. That a rubber was a good way of making life choices.

    Twitter: @naomi_hellawell

    You're life choices probably haven't got any better since abandoning this technique though, so who knows?

    6. And that a device made from paper could accurately predict the future.

    Flickr: katerha / Creative Commons

    Although you probably didn't fully believe in it – it was basically just a fun a way of passing time during history lessons.

    7. That you could teach your Furby how to swear.

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    Poor little Furbies the world over had to endure countless hours of being sworn at thanks to this evil rumour.

    8. That Kel from Kennan and Kel had died in a car accident.

    CBS Television Distribution / Twitter: @SKILLITWORLD / BuzzFeed

    He is very much still alive.

    9. That the phrase "no more tears" actually meant "no more tears".

    20th Television

    We were so naive.

    10. That eating bread crusts would make your hair go curly.

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    The hair straightening industry wishes this was true.

    11. That peeing in a public pool would cause a dye to activate and turn it a different coulour.

    Columbia Pictures

    The technology just doesn't exist, and honestly, it's something that needs to.

    12. That the white part of ink eraser pens contained pig urine as an ingredient. / Twitter: @JackBernard92 / BuzzFeed

    They did smell pretty strange, but so do a lot of things that probably don't contain any animal urine.

    13. That you could find Mew by moving the truck in Pokémon Red and Blue.

    Nintendo / BuzzFeed

    So many childhood hours were wasted trying to move the damn thing.

    14. That swallowed chewing gum stays inside your body for seven whole years.

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    Actual doctors, and not your mum, say that it passes through your system just like any other food. Still probably best not to swallow though.

    15. And that swallowing the stone of a plum would cause a tree to grow inside of you.

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    It happened to be me when I was just a five-year-old. I collapsed on a lawn in tears thinking I was going to die.

    16. That a former pupil in your school had swung on the back legs of their chair, fallen backwards, and cracked their head open.

    E! / Ryan Seacrest Productions

    Tbf this was a pretty realistic scenario, and shoutout to the teachers who went the extra mile and added their own twist to the story.

    17. That your eyes would turn square from watching too much television.

    Nickelodeon / Paramount Television / BuzzFeed

    If this one was true, God help us all as smart phone addicted adults.

    18. That if the wind changed direction while you were making a face, your face would stay like that.

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    In hindsight this one makes exactly zero sense.

    19. That turning on the inside light of a car while it was moving is illegal.

    Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

    I actually contacted the Department for Transport about this one because I still believed it . Turns out it's not illegal, however "care must be taken to ensure that light within the vehicle does not distract the driver or impair his or her night vision." The more you know.

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