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    12 Lies About London You Should Never, Ever Believe On Instagram

    Reality has no filter.

    1. Flats on Instagram:

    Flats in real life:

    2. Nature on Instagram:

    Nature in reality:

    3. The Underground on Instagram:

    The Underground in reality:

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images

    4. Pigeons on Instagram:

    Pigeons in reality:

    5. Pubs on Instagram:

    Pubs in reality:

    Flickr: alper / Creative Commons

    6. Pub gardens on Instagram:

    Pub gardens in reality:

    7. The Thames on Instagram:

    The Thames in reality:

    8. Street performers on Instagram:

    Street performers in reality:

    9. London fashion on Instagram:

    London fashion in reality:

    10. Toilets on Instagram:

    Toilets in reality:

    11. Street art on Instagram:

    Street art in reality:

    Yeah, that's right, that's a crucified rabbit made wholly of toast, outside Tooting Broadway station #easter

    12. The night bus on Instagram:

    The night bus in reality

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