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    21 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Will Make British People Piss Themselves

    “0800 00…”

    1. This foolproof way of spotting a Brit in the wild.

    2. This nicely done pun.

    3. And this terrible one.

    4. The mystery of where these keep coming from.

    5. This post from a person who needs to learn their dogs.

    6. This look into the future.

    7. This response to an American friend who's not a fan of British spelling.


    9. When someone dared ask about the price of Freddos.

    10. This estate agent who's never off his game.

    11. When Banksy played Clue.

    12. This downright creepy photo from the centre of Hell.

    13. This tale of culinary failure.

    14. And this post which perfectly sums up the differences between UK and US TV.

    15. When peak Britishness was reached.

    16. This medieval tale.

    17. And this genius critique of Shakespeare's work.

    18. This found photo of the ultimate British queuer.

    19. The time UK advertising went just a little too far.

    20. This British version of Netflix and chill.

    21. This user's ruined expectations.

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