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24 Disney Puns That Will Never Not Be Funny

"Janear, Jafar, Jawherever you are…"

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1. This pun that will leave you weak at the knees.

2. This reimagining of Quasimodo as a detective.

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

3. This lyrical masterpiece.

4. This insight into Ariel's shopping habits.

Disney / Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

5. This childhood ruining pun.

6. And this gritty future reboot.

7. This excellent wordplay which is truly the Belle of the ball.

Disney / Michael Hinson / BuzzFeed

8. And this one.

Disney / Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

9. This text exchange.

10. This genre classic.

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11. And this one taken to the next level.

Instagram: @hey_lo

12. This classic joke perfectly delivered by Ellen Degeneres.

What do you say to Simba when he's walking too slow? Mufasa. #ClassicJokeFriday

13. This beauty of a Gaston pun.

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14. And this wordplay on the movie's title.

Disney / Mathew Whitehead / BuzzFeed

15. This look at Elsa's banking troubles.

Instagram: @thedisneymeme

16. This Peter pun.

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17. This triple-tier pun.

Why does Peter Pan always fly? Because he Neverlands. I love that joke because it never gets old. It's got a nice hook.

18. This joke that takes groan-worthy puns to a whole new level.

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19. This all-encompassing pun.

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20. This depiction of Snow White in an office.

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21. This festive grievance.

Can't believe how much Frozen merchandise there is for xmas this year. I've even seen an ad for a frozen turkey

22. This bra pun.

Disney /

23. This new take on The Lion King.

Disney /

24. And this academic look at the movie.