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    19 Photos Every British Person Is Guilty Of Having Taken

    "Who remembers the '00s? #tbt"

    1. A Sports Direct mug filled with a swimming pool's worth of tea.

    2. A Colin the Caterpillar cake that was given to a colleague.

    3. A mirror selfie in a bathroom where the fanciness caught you off guard.

    4. A 99 that cost £3.50.

    5. A stolen pint glass you don't ever remember stealing.

    6. A photo of a donor kebab that looked appetising when drunk you drunkenly took the photo the night before.

    7. A photo of your Nando's order sarcastically hashtagged #cheeky.

    8. A PROPER Sunday lunch. Not a fake one, like all the pretenders eat.

    9. A #tbt to that time you met a C-list celeb in your local town centre.

    10. And a #tbt to when you had ~different~ hair.

    11. Painfully unfunny ironic graffiti.

    12. The pub garden table you fought to the death for.

    13. And a picture of a cosy fire in a country pub.

    14. A £10.50 cocktail that you're gonna share a photo of given how much you've spent on it.

    15. A twee and unfunny chalkboard outside of a café.

    16. A boastful beach image every time you go on holiday.

    17. And if you're feeling super cliché, a heart drawn into the sand.

    18. A photo from a gig, taken 64 rows back.

    19. And the most exciting thing you could ever see in public: A dog on public transport.