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If The Early '00s Had Instagram

That's hot.

1. You could have displayed your charitable nature with a Livestrong bracelet.

Instagram / Flickr: hysaint / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

2. Without Netflix streaming, you'd be asking your followers for Blockbuster recommendations.

Instagram / Flickr: marzbars / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

3. And you'd have a lasting snapshot of that scene from Signs.

Instagram / Flickr: cogdog / Walt Disney Studios / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

4. Screw fancy cocktails, you'd have been more likely to share a photo of some Sunny Delight.

Instagram / Twitter: @Juliet_B_ / BuzzFeed

5. Your Instagram feed would have been flooded with photos of Harry Potter books whenever a new one was released.

Instagram / Flickr: libredelire / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

6. You'd casually share a photo of your new Casio Baby-G like it was no big deal.

Flickr: mujitra / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

7. And your Motorola Razr. Especially if you had a custom case for it.

Instagram / Flickr: maitri / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

8. Your singing Billy Bass would have let the world know that you had a ~great~ sense of humour.

Instagram / Flickr: rusty_clark / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

9. You'd get into arguments over who was the hottest character in The O.C.

Instagram / Twitter: @BeckiRelihan / BuzzFeed

10. You'd have demonstrated your individuality with the multiple ways in which you could rock a necktie.

Instagram / Twitter: @PT_bunny / BuzzFeed

11. Shared song lyrics would be a little more bootylicious.

Instagram / Hide Obara / / BuzzFeed

12. Your shimmery eyeshadow would make you the envy of all your friends.

Instagram / Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

13. And you could show off your new chunky highlights.

Instagram / Flickr: jcestnik / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

14. Your favourite music would be shared through cheeky shots of your latest Limewire downloads.

Instagram / Flickr: osseous / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

15. Being the first to get a copy of The Sims would have made you the envy of all your friends.

Instagram / Flickr: jmaskell / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

16. Photos of heavily postered bedroom walls would have dominated your timeline.

Instagram / / BuzzFeed

17. And you'd almost be able to smell all the scented gel pens crowding your feed.

Instagram / Twitter: @Estellosaurus / BuzzFeed