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Updated on Oct 3, 2019. Posted on Feb 16, 2017

17 Times Gordon Ramsay Roasted The Hell Out Of People On Twitter

"It's so raw it's still running around the field…"

1. When a dish wasn't even worth rating.

2. When he shared his allergies.

3. When Liam made a sandwich.

4. When he was left speechless.

5. When he spotted a typo.

6. When he gave some career advice.

7. When a sandwich failed to impress.

8. When he gave some cooking tips.

9. When he delivered a classic insult.

10. When he dished out some relationship advice.

11. When a fan got a little weird.

12. When he perfectly summed up a school lunch.

13. When the emergency services were needed.

14. When he didn't share the love.

15. When he was more interested in what was happening off the plate.

16. When he cut down the competition.

17. When he gave a simple answer.

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