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    Gordon Ramsay Has Spent The Entire Weekend Roasting People’s Food On Twitter

    "Looks like a dog stopped by your plate."

    For quite a while now Gordon Ramsay has been giving rather critical reviews of people's food on Twitter.

    Now hundreds and hundreds of people are sending him their meals for him to review.

    And he is not holding back his reviews at all.

    During the weekend he wouldn't stop tweeting snarky reviews of people's food. He was a machine.

    1. Here's his review of someone's noodle soup.

    2. And this fish and chips (with beans) combo.

    3. And this delightful dish with rice on the side.

    4. He was a big fan of this omelette.

    5. And this £1.46 masterpiece.

    6. He provided handy tips.

    7. He even provided religious advice.

    8. He wasn't all that critical.

    9. He even commented on some plates.

    10. He reviewed a lot of breakfasts.

    11. He was rather choosy.

    12. Particularly scrambled eggs.

    13. You get it now...he was pretty harsh.

    14. He didn't know what a roast dinner was.

    15. This grandmother wasn't even spared.

    16. Or this dog.

    17. Nobody was saved.

    18. Bless you, Gordon Ramsay.

    19. Bless you.

    Follow his latest reviews at @GordonRamsay.