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    19 Tips On How To Become A Hacker According To Stock Images

    All photos found using a search of the word "hacker" on a stock image site.

    1. Firstly, you're going to need to scout your target with a decent pair of binoculars.

    2. Oh no, there's a padlocked chain draped loosely over the laptop.

    3. Luckily all good hackers carry a crowbar with them.

    4. Steady on there cowboy, you can't touch this thing without a good pair of gloves.

    5. Make a mistake like that and you'll get caught by the cyber police.

    6. Pro tip: The thicker the gloves, the better.

    7. Plus a smart trilby never hurt anyone.

    8. Keep quiet by wearing a porcelain mask.

    9. Or even better, don't have a face.

    10. Gloves, goggles, face mask, and a hood! This person was paying attention in hacker school.

    11. It's really important that you don't get distracted and convert to Mormonism.

    12. Maybe use a knife?

    13. You can even chew on your knife to help improve your cognitive powers.

    14. Use a good torch to light up that difficult to see back-lit screen.

    15. Not too bright. Now you're going to need sunglasses.

    16. Sometimes it's good to step away and gain a different perspective by facing the back of screen.

    17. Once you're ready to start hacking, just hit the key that's helpfully labelled with a pirate logo.

    18. Now inhale some of that tasty stolen data.

    19. Failing all of the above, just punch through a laptop and steal someone's wallet.