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18 Times Subway Ran Out Of Damns To Give

"Six inches just isn't long enough."

1. When a sandwich artist went a little overboard with the mayo.

2. When someone made a BLT minus the lettuce and tomato.

3. When a store said "screw you" to 9-to-5 hours and worked a three-hour shift on weekdays.

4. When they had no access to a dictionary…

5. …and decided to get liberal with spelling.

6. Seriously, someone get Subway a dictionary.

7. When they were participating in both the cause and the cure.

8. When this abomination was made.

9. When a wrap was not wrapped.

10. When the food looked a little different from advertised.

11. Me on Instagram vs Me IRL:

12. When a customer found a way to bypass the cup charge by using a plastic bag…

13. …so Subway introduced a bag charge.

14. When they missed out on the perfect rhyming opportunity.

15. When a customer caught staff getting a little hands-on in the backroom.

16. When they were a little ungenerous with the cheese.

17. When they advertised with a dick joke.

18. And when a knife – YES, A KNIFE – was wrapped with a sandwich.