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27 Photos That Prove Wales Is The Greatest Country On Earth

Cymru am byth.

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1. Our emergency services are second to none.

2. We have the greatest road signs.

3. Well, some of them.

4. Our wildlife is unique.

5. And so are our pets.

6. Right down to our "cats".

7. We have the greatest flag in the whole damn world.

8. Our towns have nice, simple and poetic names.

9. As do our shops.

10. Our public transport is amongst the best in the world.

11. Especially for ponies.

12. We cope with actual wind.

13. We know how to recycle.

14. We know how to have a great night out.

15. Our nightlife is out of control.

16. We're modest in victory.

17. And humble in defeat.

18. We have beautiful flower arrangements.

19. We deal with serious issues.

20. Seriously, the criminals here are just out of control.

21. We know how to advertise.

22. Madison Avenue, eat your heart out.

23. Our councils are technologically advanced.

24. And debate nothing but important issues.

25. We produce the most interesting headlines.

26. Our tourism posters are AMAZING.

27. And why shouldn't they be? We are the most beautiful country on earth.