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    May 24, 2018

    17 Tweets About GDPR That Perfectly Sum Up The State Of Your Inbox Right Now

    "My mum is leaving it awfully close to the GDPR deadline to ask if I want to opt in to receive her emails, calls and texts."

    If you live anywhere on the internet, you’ll probably have received around 5,416 GDPR emails from every company you've ever dealt with.

    But don’t worry, I’m not here to bore you with a privacy policy. Instead, here are some tweets to make you laugh:

    1. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

    2. So much for inbox zero.

    The future of email is just receiving GDPR privacy notices until your inbox fills up and you no longer have the will to use email anymore.

    3. Even global superstars have to conform to EU regulations.

    just got a GDPR compliance email from cher

    4. While some people wish they could get involved.

    When you’re the only person in Britain wishing you could receive emails about GDPR

    5. It really is a time to reconnect with old acquaintances.

    GDPR is like the last day of uni, loads of people you barely met going "omg we should totally keep in touch" and me, nodding politely, taking no action whatsoever

    6. It's a tiring time for your inbox.

    7. And it seems like it will never end.

    The sky burns. Empty skyscrapers collapse into dust. No birds sing and no insects crawl. Earth's final drops of water float as crystals into space. A man crawls across a shattered plain, and with his last breath whispers "To comply with GDPR we are updating our privacy policy..."

    8. It's had some unexpected impact.

    Hi! Just letting you know you can't use your lights anymore because we're slathering your data around and GDPR is here. good luck! bye!

    9. And it's taken google search traffic by storm.

    GDPR is bigger than Beyoncé

    10. It's tearing families apart.

    My mum is leaving it awfully close to the GDPR deadline to ask if I want to opt in to receive her emails, calls and texts.

    11. Some people have been pitching new Black Mirror episodes.

    gdpr but for the people from school I never deleted from Facebook

    12. And rebooting classic movie scenes.

    Lot of films aren’t GDPR compliant, actually.

    13. Even video games are getting rewritten.

    14. The emails are sometimes not that helpful, tbh.

    In tragic news, I have declined GDPR consent to the company which has been trying to flog me an upmarket swimming pool for the last 5 years. During which time, I have lived in a second floor flat.

    15. And sometimes they're made even worse than they have to be.

    just got a GDPR email from a company with every single recipient accidentally CCd in. Great start lads

    16. But overall, everyone is trying their best.

    "WARNING. In our butcher's shop we might ask your name and remember your meat-related preferences. If you are worried about this, please enter the shop while shouting 'I DO NOT AGREE!', and we will henceforth pretend we don't know you." #GDPR HT @PhRoose cc @bobnease

    17. And luckily it will all be over soon.


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