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22 Children's Birthday Party Foods That Will Give You Intense Flashbacks

Cheese and pineapple? On a stick?

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1. Party Rings

Back when they'd fit comfortably on your finger.

2. Mini sausage rolls

Delicious hot or cold.

3. Cocktail sausages

Just like a sausage, only smaller, cuter, and tastier somehow.

4. Cheese and pineapple

Served on a toothpick just to make it that little bit classier.

5. Jelly and ice cream

The staple of any child's birthday.

6. Iced Gems

Iced iced baby.

7. Sherbert straws

Pretty much just a tube full of sugar.

8. Candy bracelets

The height of wearable confectionary.

9. Caterpillar cake

A birthday classic.

10. Rice Krispie cakes

And ones made from Coco Pops, if you were extra fancy.

11. Disappointing pizza

Cold pizza with 50% cheese coverage.

12. Freeze Pops

For the rare occasion when it was actually sunny.

13. A random assortment of crisps

But mostly cheese and onion for some reason.

14. Mini quiches

Even though no kid would ever eat them.

15. Wotsits

The messiest crisps on the market.

16. Mini Scotch eggs

Because what kid doesn't like Scotch eggs?

17. Rainbow Drops

Colourful balls of sugar.

18. A questionable selection of sandwiches

Jam and cheese? Sure, why not?

19. Jammie Dodgers

Fresh from the packet.

20. Hula Hoops

Original flavour, obviously.

21. Fairy cakes

AKA butterfly cakes.

22. Pink Wafers

Pinky, wafery goodness.