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    Posted on Oct 3, 2015

    22 Faces That Perfectly Capture The Struggle Of Trying To Act Sober

    "I'll get my shit together if I stare hard enough into this mirror." H/T r/Pareidolia

    1. When you've got to act serious for a minute.

    2. When you're pretending you can still actually read the texts on your phone.

    3. When you try really hard to focus on your reflection in the mirror.

    4. When you try to casually play off that drunken hiccup.

    5. When you're trying to slide your way into the club.

    6. When you're trying to get served another drink.

    7. When you're trying to sneak back into the house without anyone noticing.

    "Oh shit, I think I heard a light switch."

    8. When you're trying to hide the fact you're about to throw up any minute.

    9. When you have no idea what your friend just said to you but act like you totally did.

    10. When you and a friend are both equally drunk, but neither of you are prepared to admit it.

    11. When you pretend you know exactly where you're going.

    12. When you do something embarrassing but try and play it off as a joke.

    13. When you're main focus is on stopping the room spinning.

    14. When you start acting overly casual.

    15. When you're trying to walk in the straightest line you've ever walked in your life.

    16. When you're trying to focus on something in the distance.

    17. When you're already fully wasted but say yes to another drink.

    18. When you only have control over one half of your face.

    19. When you try to get away with a super quick nap.

    20. When you get away without anyone noticing you've had more than one too many.

    21. When you have to navigate a flight of stairs in a public place.

    22. And when someone notices just how drunk you really are.

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