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17 Pictures Of Vegetables That Will Test Your Faith In A God

"Pssst, wanna see a freakishly fingerlike carrot?"

1. This veiny sweet potato.

2. This leek-within-a-leek.

3. This cob of corn that suddenly decided to change pattern.

4. And this single piece of corn that decided to break from convention.

5. These deformed carrots.

6. This fingerlike sweet potato.

7. This baked potato that belongs in a horror movie.

8. This freakishly entwined carrot.

9. This potato that's the length of a WHOLE FOREARM.

10. This carrot that froze and became absolutely horrifying.

11. This cheeky double corn.

12. This onion that just loves to sprout.

13. This ironic vampire-like garlic.

14. This demonic pumpkin.

15. And this pumpkin that's breaking the laws of nature.

16. This humanlike radish.

17. And finally, this potato with a horrifyingly long sprout.

H/T r/MildlyInteresting