22 Life Hacks So Incredibly Stupid They're Borderline Genius

    DO NOT try these at home.

    1. Want to add an instant party feel to any room? Attach a disco ball in a power drill and hang it from your ceiling.

    2. Don't have a fancy telescopic lens? Easy, just film through a pair of binoculars.

    3. Broken headlight? Strap a few torches to the front of your vehicle and you're good to go.

    4. Want that cinema experience at home? Just shove a couch on top of four dining chairs.

    5. Nowhere to store your footwear? Turn a pallet upright to create your own "custom shoe rack".

    6. Or you can make your own shoe storage device using some poles and wire.

    7. Need a birthday cake in a hurry? Just stick a lighter in the middle of a doughnut. Goodbye, baking.

    8. Fed up of having to hold your iPad while watching a movie? Hang that thing from the ceiling fan with some clothes hangers.

    9. No hot water? Simply light a candle underneath a water pipe. Hot showers at a fraction of the price.

    10. Can't afford an expensive blender? Stick a knife on a fan and you'll be dicing like a pro.

    11. Don't have time for breakfast? Pop an egg into a scalding cup of coffee for a delicious morning treat.

    12. Lights not working? Just strap a bunch of torches to the ceiling.

    13. Need an adaptor? "Safely" improvise with some nail clippers.

    14. Cold toilet seat? Just stick a piece of carpet on there and keep yourself warm during the brutal winter months.

    15. No cupholder in your car? Create your own using a roll of parcel tape.

    16. Or alternatively, just use a shoe.

    17. Out of after-dinner mints? Just freeze a tube of toothpaste and cut it into wafer-thin slices.

    18. Planning on spending money on an expensive cooker? Don't bother if you already have an iron lying around.

    19. Who needs curtain hooks when you can use the rings from Coke cans? Just as stylish at a fraction of the cost.

    20. Broken side mirror? Just replace the glass with an equally reflective CD.

    21. Need to work on the go? This handy mobile office will make you the most efficient driver on the road.

    22. And finally, out of coat hangers? Just unplug your keyboard and use that.