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17 Classic Childhood Crisps That You'll Never Taste Again

Never forget.

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1. Walkers Max Red Hot

Walkers attempted to slip an imposter crisp called "Max Flaming Hot" past us, as if we wouldn't notice the difference – the difference being that the old version would melt your jaw off. Nice try, Walkers.

2. Monster Munch Vanilla Ice Cream

Remember when Monster Munch had actual monsters on their packets, instead of just colourful cartoon shapes with eyes? Well, they also had this amazing flavour.


8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Crunchabungas

Pizza flavoured crisps were all the rage. What happened? Why did we as a species regress to less awesome flavours? Were we ever really worthy of these delicious snacks from the Gods?

12. Cadbury Snaps

Twitter: @liamboynex

Technically not a crisp, but close enough. If crisps and chocolate went to war, these guys would almost definitely join the coalition of crisps – they just have that feeling to them.


14. Walkers Builder’s Breakfast

Flickr: divinemissn / Creative Commons

These crisps were the winner of the "create a flavour" competition, in which every smartarse in the country submitted "potato" as an answer. They never took off – possibly due to the fact they tasted nothing like a fry up.

16. Walkers Sensations Gently Infused Lime with Thai Spices

Back in the days before crisps like "fennel infused organic platypus" and "spiced abstract daffodil" made their way into supermarkets, these were considered super posh.


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