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Turns Out Kids' TV Characters Are Utterly Horrifying When Converted To Black And White

The horror... The horror... H/T @RiffRaff41.

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Inspired by this fine work, we decided to convert the photos of other children's TV characters into black and white and invert them.

Postman Pat

Woodland Animations / BuzzFeed


BBC / BuzzFeed


BBC / BuzzFeed

Bungle from Rainbow

Thames Television / BuzzFeed

Otis the Aardvark

BBC / BuzzFeed

Bob the Builder

Hot Animation / Buzzfeed
Hot Animation / Buzzfeed


Trickfilmstudio / BuzzFeed

Gordon the Gopher

BBC / BuzzFeed


Three Stones Media Ltd / BuzzFeed

Florence, Dylan, and Zebedee from The Magic Roundabout

ORTF / BuzzFeed
ORTF / BuzzFeed
ORTF / BuzzFeed

Fireman Sam

S4C / BuzzFeed

Various characters from Button Moon

ITV / BuzzFeed

Igglepiggle from In the Night Garden

Ragdoll Productions / BuzzFeed

Shaun the Sheep

Aardman Animations / BuzzFeed