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    22 Photos That Will Make You Flashback In Anger

    Life just isn't fair.

    1. When you lose the bud from your earphones. / BuzzFeed

    2. When the handle of your cutlery falls in the food. / BuzzFeed

    3. When your headphones get all tangled after a short stay in your pocket.

    4. When a roll of tape just tears and won't open. / BuzzFeed

    5. When autocorrect makes useless suggestions. / BuzzFeed

    6. When you open a fresh roll of toilet paper and it all goes to hell.

    7. When you wake up to yet more junk mail.

    8. When someone puts the cutlery back in the wrong sections of the drawer. / BuzzFeed

    9. When your second iPhone charger breaks in a month. / BuzzFeed

    10. When a product turns up in packaging that's way too big.

    Twitter: @nmwatson / BuzzFeed

    11. When your unread mail gets way out of hand.

    Twitter: @SiMoan67 / BuzzFeed

    12. When a ring-binder will just no longer shut. / BuzzFeed

    13. When you sharpen a pencil and it only shaves off one side. / BuzzFeed

    14. When your desktop becomes an unorganised mess.

    15. When you open cardboard packaging and it just awkwardly peels. / BuzzFeed

    16. When an eraser just doesn't erase. / BuzzFeed

    17. When people spread out on public transport and take up more than one seat.

    Twitter: @smcadman / BuzzFeed

    18. When you open a packet and find it's half empty.

    19. When the corner of your sheet comes off.

    20. When the fly on your trousers gets stuck when unzipped. / BuzzFeed

    21. When products come in impossible to open packaging.

    Twitter: @emob0i / BuzzFeed

    22. When the string of your hoodie gets lost on the inside.

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