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    17 Things You Can't Get Away With If You're Not An Only Child

    It would be nice to watch TV without World War III breaking out.

    1. You can't get away with arguing in the back seat of the car.

    2. You can't verbally threaten or insult your siblings while your parents are around, so you have to get creative.

    3. You can't ask a sibling to get something for you without them eventually dropping your name.

    4. You can't watch what you want on TV.

    5. And you definitely can't trust anyone when it comes to the TV remote.

    6. You can't sit in the front seat of the car without having to call "shotgun" and then having to sprint for it.

    7. And you can't expect rules to always be taken seriously.

    8. You can't keep food in the fridge without having to label it.

    9. You can't leave your seat empty for even a second without it getting stolen.

    10. You can't get away with play fighting without eventually hurting them for real.

    11. And you're pretty much guaranteed to leave behind some evidence.

    12. You can't get away with stealing any of your sibling's stuff. EVER.

    13. And you can't expect not to have your own stuff stolen.

    14. You can't use the computer whenever you want.

    15. And you can't keep any of your passwords private.

    16. You can't argue with a younger sibling without your parents using the "who's older?" line.

    17. And you can NEVER use the bathroom without your sibling racing you to it.